Noémi Büchi

Ne Parle Pas De Secrets
Electroacoustic Piece for 8 Channels

Immersed in an amniotic atmosphere, we are invited to bathe in the atemporality of the world before birth.
 Against a liquid sound background, horizontal sounds intervene that cross space at full speed, stretching time in their course. The speed with which they intervene has the effect of an arrow shot in the direction of a distant future, which brings us back to a linear, horizontal, narrative, historical time, that is to say, to the ordinary world perceived as a successive sequence of events. The transparency and weightlessness of crystalline sounds act like seraphically elements that connect the fantastic and earthly worlds. At the same time, anecdotal sounds that remind us of specific moments in our lives cross our mind -- liquid, metallic, soft, subtle sounds -- and dense drones mingle to create an experience of their own, each one embedding itself in the personal experience of the listener.  From the beginning we were immersed in this atemporal amniotic atmosphere and then there was the birth, the irruption into the world, history began. We plunged into time to look for the origin, to deepen the story, to understand. 
Mixing and Mastering by Feldermelder (VFBM)

A foretaste of the upcoming Album, autumn 2021 -OUS Records